LED Panel Lights

LED Panel lights are direct replacements for your current fluorescent fixtures and bulbs. LED Panel Lights are designed to replace traditional down lights, ceiling lights, and panel lights (replacement of Halogen/Incandescent/Fluorescent Lights).

LED panel lights can result in up to 60% energy savings comparing to traditional lighting. They come in three color modes, Warm White, Daylight, and Cool White.

Electrical Specifications

Input Current: Varies by model (Click Here)
Input Voltage: 85-265 VAC or 12VDC
Light Source: Epistar 3538 LEDs
Frequency Range: 50/60Hz
Driver Efficiency: 94.0%
Power Factor: 100.0%
Starting Time: < 0.1s
Working Lifespan: > 50,000 Hrs
Electrical Interface: NEMA5-15
3 Prong Standard to be used in
15A receptacles

Mechanical Specifications:

Thickness 14mm
Dimensions Click Here
Environmental Rating IP40
Working Temperature -40°C to +50°C
Working Humidity 10% to 90%

Optical Specifications

Light Color Warm White Daylight Cool White
Color Temperature: 2700-3300°K 3800-4600°K 5500-6500°K
Color Rendering Index >85
Beam Angle 120°
Lumen Depreciation 3% – 5%1KH


Architectural lighting: In many cases it is not practical to place windows in every office to supply outside light. In an office environment, the appearance of outside light is important for morale as well
as aesthetics. In these examples, LED Panels are used to provide light from above, as well as simulate windows by placing them vertically on walls.



Length Width Thickness Standard Size Lumen
UPS Part Number
200 200 14mm 8”x8” 500-700 12W 0.10A UPPL-03-03-20-XX
300 300 14mm 1×1 800-950 20W 0.16A UPPL-02-02-12-XX
300 600 14mm 1×2 1150-1500 23W 0.19A UPPL-03-06-23-XX
600 600 14mm 2×2 1800-2400 40W 0.33A UPPL-06-06-40-XX
600 600 14mm 2×2 3000-3400 60W 0.50A UPPL-06-06-60-XX
300 1200 14mm 1×4 1900-2400 40W 0.33A UPPL-03-12-40-XX
600 1200 14mm 2×4 3400-4000 60W 0.50A UPPL-06-12-60-XX
*Current Rating based on 120VAC