Normally Open – KSD9700 Bimetal Temperature Switch


Model KSD9700
Max voltage 250V
Max current 5A
Dimensions 18 x 7 x 4mm

Wires length 70mm



  • Maximum voltage : 250V
  • Maximum current : 5A
  • Action temperature : ±5℃ degrees Celsius or rated temperature
  • Reset temperature : ≥10℃ degrees Celsius below rated temperature
  • Action Type: NO Type ( Normally Open) – Switch closes (comes on) when temperature is reached
  • This switch can be used For Household electric appliances, PC, Microwave ovens, Irons, Refrigerators, Electronic oven, heating unit, coffeepot, transformer,water heater, etc.
  • Temperature Switches are the industry standard precision ± 5 degrees, which is because is a mechanical bimetal  temperature switch.

Additional information

Weight.0042 kg
Dimensions1.8 x .7 x .4 cm
Set Temperature

15°C, 20°C, 25°C, 30°C, 35°C, 40°C, 45°C, 50°C, 55°C, 60°C


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