White LED Panel Lights

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Low profile LED panel light to satisfy your lighting needs.  Install it at home, in the office, or to highlight your wares in the showroom!  Choose from a variety of sizes, colour choices, and more!

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Please note the 48W panels are only 12mm thick; all other panels are 14mm thick.

Reference NumberDimensions (Imperial)Dimensions (Metric)WattageColour TemperatureLumen OutputLED Quantity
UPPL-1506-012-BAW6″ x 24″150mm x 600mm20Warm White900186
UPPL-1506-012-BAD6″ x 24″150mm x 600mm20Day White1000186
UPPL-1506-012-BAC6″ x 24″150mm x 600mm20Cool White1100186
UPPL-0202-012-BAW8″ x 8″200mm x 200mm12Warm White600100
UPPL-0202-012-BAD8″ x 8″200mm x 200mm12Day White700100
UPPL-0202-012-BAC8″ x 8″200mm x 200mm12Cool White800100
UPPL-0303-020-BAW1’x1′300mm x 300mm20Warm White900174
UPPL-0303-020-BAD1’x1′300mm x 300mm20Day White1000174
UPPL-0303-020-BAC1’x1′300mm x 300mm20Cool White1100174
UPPL-0306-028-BAW1’x2′300mm x600mm28Warm White1200220
UPPL-0306-028-BAD1’x2′300mm x600mm28Day White1450220
UPPL-0306-028-BAC1’x2′300mm x600mm28Cool White1700220
UPPL-0606-040-BAW2’x2′600mm x 600mm40Warm White2200372
UPPL-0606-040-BAD2’x2′600mm x 600mm40Day White2500372
UPPL-0606-040-BAC2’x2′600mm x 600mm40Cool White2800372
UPPL-0606-060-BAW2’x2′600mm x 600mm60Warm White3000600
UPPL-0606-060-BAD2’x2′600mm x 600mm60Day White3300600
UPPL-0606-060-BAC2’x2′600mm x 600mm60Cool White3600600
UPPL-0606-052-BAW2’x2′600mm x 600mm52Warm White3000480
UPPL-0606-052-BAD2’x2′600mm x 600mm52Day White3200480
UPPL-0606-052-BAC2’x2′600mm x 600mm52Cool White3400480
UPPL-0212-040-BAW8″ x 48″200mm x 1200mm40Warm White2000360
UPPL-0212-040-BAD8″ x 48″200mm x 1200mm40Day White2200360
UPPL-0212-040-BAC8″ x 48″200mm x 1200mm40Cool White2400360
UPPL-0312-048-BBW1’x4′300mm x 1200mm48Warm White3800484
UPPL-0312-048-BBD1’x4′300mm x 1200mm48Day White3900484
UPPL-0312-048-BBC1’x4′300mm x 1200mm48Cool White4000484
UPPL-0312-060-BAW1’x4′300mm x 1200mm60Warm White3800720
UPPL-0312-060-BAD1’x4′300mm x 1200mm60Day White3900720
UPPL-0312-060-BAC1’x4′300mm x 1200mm60Cool White4000720
UPPL-0312-078-BAW1’x4′300mm x 1200mm78Warm White4900384
UPPL-0312-078-BAD1’x4′300mm x 1200mm78Day White5100384
UPPL-0312-078-BAC1’x4′300mm x 1200mm78Cool White5300384
UPPL-0612-080-BAW2’x4′600mm x1200mm80Warm White4000720
UPPL-0612-080-BAD2’x4′600mm x1200mm80Day White4300720
UPPL-0612-080-BAC2’x4′600mm x1200mm80Cool White4600720

Expected Lifespan: 50,000 hours


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