LED Rope Lights

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Choose the rope light that best fits your needs!  All varieties come with adhesive under a peel-away backing.

We have a variety of colours and weatherproofing options to choose from.

Pricing is for a package of 5m of LED rope lights.

RGB lights also benefit from an RGB controller (also sold separately).



Technical Specifications:

IP Ratings:

 No weatherproofing:  IP44 rated

 Epoxy resin only:  IP67 rated

 Silicon tube only: IP67 rated

 Silicon tube with epoxy resin: IP68 rated

Colour Spectra:

 Red: 620-630nm

 Yellow: 585-595nm

 Green: 510-525nm

 Blue: 455-470nm

 White: 6000-7000K

 Warm White: 3000-3500K

Beam angle: 120°


Rope Light TypeLumen RangePower Draw (W/m)
SMD 3528 30LED’s/m30-2202.4
SMD 3528 60LED’s/m30-2204.8
SMD 3528 120LED’s/m88-4409.6
SMD 5050 30LED’s/m150-3207.2
SMD 5050 60LED’s/m280-63014.4

Additional information

Weight0.62 kg
Dimensions2.75 × 8.75 × 11.75 cm


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