Hercules 35281 Cryo-Tek-100 Anti-Freeze 1 Gallon


Contains virgin (not recycled) propylene glycol with triple protection corrosion inhibitor. Pre-mixed ready to use formulation. Pink Liquid.



Hercules Cryo-Tek-100 3.785L (1 Gallon) Antifreeze, with a triple protection inhibitor system, helps protect against mineral deposits and sedimentation in hydronic heating and closed loop systems, solar heating systems, radiant heat and general plumbing systems. This non-flammable, odorless liquid is also non-toxic. Pre-mixed with water and ready to use.

  • For heating systems requiring freeze protection as well as corrosion prevention
  • Designed for hydronic heating and cooling closed loop systems, most solar heating systems, snow melts, radiant heat and general plumbing systems
  • Use in systems fabricated with metal, plastics (except CPVC) and rubber piping, fittings, seals and other parts
  • Blend of 45% virgin propylene glycol and the triple protection inhibitor package.
  • HERCULES Item #3210-020 Model #352819

Additional information

Weight4.35 kg
Dimensions8 × 30 × 11 cm


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