Pressurized Hot Water Tank

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Includes auxiliary heating element, P/T valve, check valve, and magnesium bar.

Standard heating elements are provided:  1.5KW for 250 litres or fewer; 2.5KW for 300 litres and greater.  These can be modified upon request.

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100 Liter (26.4 US Gallons), 150 Liter (39.6 US Gallons), 200 Liter (52.8 US Gallons), 300 Liter (79.25 US Gallons), 400 Liter (105.7 US Gallons), 500 Liter (132 US Gallons), 600 Liter (158.5 US Gallons)

Heat Exchange Coils

No coil, Single Coil, Two Coil, Three Coil

Tank Material

Stainless Steel, Enamel Coating


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