SHCMV Tube – Single Replacement


Replacement SHCMV tube


 70mm Diameter

 1900mm Length


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Operation principle:

Comprised of a heat pipe, glass tube, heat-collector plate, aluminum safety-protection 
cap and getter, SHCMV tubes have high reliability.

High heat effectiveness: greater efficiency than flat panel collectors by by 10%

● Heat-pipe conduction. No water inside the tubes means it does not suffer from tube blockage and low power output caused by water fouling or deposits.

● With only a small sunlight input, it can provide output power in 2 minutes. The highest temperatures can reach 250℃.

● The average heat efficiency is 50% even in temperatures below -50℃.

● Highly efficient selective absorptive coatings and vacuum heat insulation technology ensure the tube will get higher heat output in cloudy weather and in moist areas, especially in winter.

● Solar collecting plate is installed and sealed inside the tube of high-quality borosilicate glass with 5×10-2Pa of vacuum, so it cannot be corroded even in moist area

● Hot water system can endure 0.6MPa so that it can be connected to tap water tube.

Usage: Can be applied to large-scale hot water systems, desalinization of seawater, industrial desiccation, domestic or commercial hot water systems etc.


Operating principle: When solar energy warms the heat pipe, the medium in the tube is vaporized at 25℃.  It then conducts heat energy received to cooling (bulb) end. After the process, a circulation is completed. The bulb end in turn heats the fluid in the header to be transfered to your hot water tank.


Product Features:

● With small thermal capability, it can output power in 5 seconds, when temperature of copper tube reaches 25℃.

● Able to output power of 125W per tube.

Additional information

Weight2.2 kg
Dimensions2.8 × 2.8 × 72.5 cm


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