35 PSI 24VDC Automatic Variable Speed On Demand Diaphragm Water Pump


35 PSI 24 Volt Automatic Variable Speed Motor On Demand Marine Motor Home RV Diaphragm Water Pump

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.Variable speed control

.Solid state pressure sensor

.Nearly silent operation/no cycling

.Operates on 24v dc

.Controls pressure by changing motor speed

.Speeds up as demand increases

.Self-priming/Run dry

.No accumulator tank needed

.Includes inlet strainer

RV caravan water  pump is ideal for use in any area that requires pressurized water transfer.

Easy to operate and self priming it will gives years of service.

Perfect for your shower and a couple of outlets in your caravan,boat,shed or camp. They are portable and easy to set up.

Use it on a timed sprinkler to water the veggies in your garden.

Special Function

*An automatic pressure switch ensures easy operation as it turns itself off and on as you demand the water.

*Easy to install and has a smooth and quiet operation. It is happy pumping both fresh or salt water and comes with its own filter.

It will supply water to up to 4 taps. a shower and a toilet.

*It is corrosion resistant and can run dry without damage. The pump will even self prime making life easy. If you have several taps wanting different pressures or flow then an accumulator tank is recommended to supply pressure to variety of outlets as they need it.

*Built-in chec valve

*Thermally Protected

Additional information

Weight6.2 kg
Dimensions38 × 12 × 10.5 cm


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