NB Power Small Business Lighting Program

Unplugged Power Systems is a member of the NB Power Small Business Lighting Program. As an program member we provide free lighting audits and applications to help small business owners secure rebates for their lighting upgrades. Qualifying small businesses can get up to $7500 back per metered account. Check with us today to see if … Read more

How one can Set up a Solar Energy System for Home

Learn how to Install a Solar Power System for Houses Ever since man existed, daylight was and will always be available. For a number of years now, lots of people are complaining about the ever growing electrical energy bills. Due to this, solar power methods grew to become nice alternatives by way of the years. … Read more

Create Your Personal Solar Power Supply

Create Your Personal Solar Power Supply Solar power could be present in several completely different locations on the earth. You will discover solar energy in a parked automotive, in a building with no air circulating, in a house without home windows opened or fans circulating the air. Once you step into any of those locations … Read more

Photo voltaic Solar Energy and Its Uses

Photo voltaic Solar Energy and Its Uses In the present day, a very popular various energy supply is photo voltaic power. Daylight might be transformed into vitality with the use of solar energy systems. The methods to generate energy differ and completely different strategies are being followed to satisfy the needs of individuals everyday. Can … Read more