Lights and Phone Charging – Kit #1 Assembled




Camp system large enough for lights and phone charging.  This kit includes everything you need including hookup wire and connectors. Although with good management it will be able to recover full charge daily, it is better suited to weekend use leaving the entire week to charge.

It is enough to charge your phone/tablet as well as provide lighting for up to 2 lights.


Equipment List:

50 Watt 12v Solar Panel
10A PWM Charge Controller with USB phone charger
Solar panel mounting kit (2 Z-brackets)
20 feet of UV Stable 12 AWG solar cable
Fuse Block with bus bar
#6 Battery Hookup Cable – 20″ red, 20″ feet black with lugs on both ends
#10 hookup wire for charge controller to fuse block (2 feet red, 2 feet black) with lugs on 1 end
190aH AGM Sealed Battery (Used)


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