Front Leg Pivot Mount for Solar Mounting Rails


Pivot mount that allows for the tilting of a solar rack for better sun exposure. Includes stainless steel bolt and anchor.

Anodized aluminum with Stainless Steel Nut



Item:Front Leg Pivot Mount
Material: Al alloy 6063-T5
Module width: any (design according to clients’ requirements)
Wind load: max. 60m/s
Snow load: max. 1.4KN/m
Module orientation: vertical or horizontal

Technical information:
Standard: AS/NZS 1170 and other international standard
Material: high class aluminum alloy Al6005-T5
Color: natural or customized
Anticorrosive: anodized aluminum, Stainless Steel
Warranty: 10 years warranty and 20 years service life

Additional information

Weight.2 kg
Dimensions7.1 × 5 × 10.9 cm


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