YTH-230C hand crimping tool for crimping open barrel terminals


YTH-230C Crimper Crimping Tool Inter-locking Non-Insulated Terminals YTH Tool 20-18 AWG

Crimping wire size:
AWG: 20-18 16-14 12-10

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Inter-locking-pin insulated plug terminal

spring clamp terminals Crimping Tool Pliers AWG 22-18 


Model YTH-230C

Applicable terminal type: YO insulated terminal

Length: 230mm

Crimping range: AWG: 14-16, 18-20 12-10





Crimping pliers made of high quality steel tools, with special quenching and annealing, high quality, crimping precision

The handle design part is specially designed for ergonomic and scientific leverage to provide optimum torque transfer and reduced fatigue during operation

With the effort of the ratchet device, so that the precision of the pressure line port is indeed pressed, repeated pressure, but also to maintain high quality crimping standards.

Equipped with pressure adjustment device, according to the actual need to adjust the pressure size, efficient and effort.

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Weight.55 kg
Dimensions15 × 10 × 8 cm


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