20161103105904_54765 12VDC 160PSI High Pressure Water/Chemical Spray Pump

12VDC 160PSI High Pressure Water/Chemical Spray Pump


Agriculture spray pump is suitable for agricultural sprayers, electric weed sprayer, fertilizer sprayer, chemical sprayer ,car washing,pressure booster,mist system,floor car,taking shower or garden sprinkler & different kinds of industry usages.

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Special Functions

*Automatic demand water system pump has a built-in pressure switch,

which automatically starts and stops when the fixture is opened and closed.

*Easy to install,service and winterize.

*Self Priming

*Built-in Check valve

*Thermally Protected


Type:Permanent magnet,Thermally Protected

Voltage: 12VDC

Duty Cycle:work intermittent


Type:3-chamber positive displacement

Liquid Temperature :140ºF(60°C)Maximum

Priming Capacbilities: 6 feet (1.8m) suction lift

Pump able to run dry without damage

Check Valve: (1-way operation) Prevents Reverse Flow

Additional information

Weight2.61 kg
Dimensions26 × 12 × 10 cm


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