ViaAqua VA50 Fountain and Aquarium Pump


Fountain or Aquarium Pump



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PowerHead Pump
• Energy Efficient
• Fully Submersible
• Multi-Purpose
• Quiet Running
• Oil-Free Motor
• For Fresh & Saltwater EnvironmentsPump is configured as 12V AC power supply. Plug in 120v power supply is included.

Max Head: 0.5 Meters

Max Flow: 180 Liters/hour (flow rate is adjustable)

ViaAqua® submersible water pump. This is a highly energy efficient and versatile water pump commonly found in small fountains. These utility pumps can be used for wet/dry filtration, water circulation, protein skimmers and/or fountains. Enhanced motor design and magnetic rotor technology makes these units energy efficient and silent, yet are powerful and reliable.

Additional information

Weight.24 kg
Dimensions15 × 8.5 × 5.4 cm


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