Three Blade Stove Top Eco Fan


3 Bladed Peltier fan

150 CFM

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Product description


How Does Heat Powered Stove Fan Work?

The stove fan uses thermoelectric technology known as a Peltier Junction to convert a temperature difference
into electricity. At the center of stove fan is a unique thermoelectric module.
The stove fan design creatss a hot side and a cold side on the module and when
this happens, a principle called the “Seebeck Effect” causes electrons to flow
within the module and electricity is generated to operate the fan!

Heat Powered Stove Fan Features

* No electricity or battery – Powered by heat from burning stoves
* Completely assembled and ready to use, place directly on the stove top to work
* Works on Wood, Gas or Pellet Stoves
* Gently circulate heat throughout the room
* Fan speed varies automatically with stove temperature
* Maximize energy from the stove and reduce fuel consumption
* Quiet, safe, economical operation
* Inbuilt protection system to stop the fan overheating
* 15-18% fuel cost savings

Stove Fan Product Specifications

Item NumberUPWH-800D3
DimensionD108 x H220mm
Net Weight655g
Start Tempt.80°c
Max Tempt.345°c
Warranty1 Year

Stove Fan Instructions

1. The fans are made from aluminum, unique anodized blades which are rust and corrosion resistant.
2. The stove fan generates its own electricity through the difference in temperature.
3. The Bi-metallic strip on the fan base is designed to raise the edge of the fan slightly as the max operating temperature is approached.
4. Operation exceed temperature of 345 degrees may damage the fan and the electricity generating units and invalidate your warranty.
5. Keep the stove fan away from small children when in use.

How To Use The Stove Fan At Home

1. Be sure to position the stove fan on a smooth flat surface of your stove top near the side or back of the stove.
2. The hotter the stove is, the more air the fan circulates.
3. The stove fan is designed for usage on freestanding stoves with a normal surface temperature of between 100 degrees and 345 degrees Celsius.  Remove the fan from the stove if the temperature exceeds 345ºC.
4. Never touch the base of the stove fan, do not set the stove fan on an unprotected surface when hot.

To move or carry the fan always use the extendable handle.

How To Clean And Keep The Stove Fan

Fan Drive: Unplug. Never put Fan Drive in water. Wipe with a slightly damp cloth.
Fan Drive never needs lubrication.
Do not immerse in water.
When not in use store the fan in the original packaging for safety.

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Weight.9125 kg
Dimensions128 × 186 × 224 cm


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