Sell_50a_175a_350a_600v Anderson Style Battery/Power Connector

Anderson Style Battery/Power Connector


Anderson style connector compatible with SB350, SB175,SB120, SB50 and others

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Single piece housings of impact resistant polycarbonate. Silver plated solid copper contacts. Self cleaning contact design resists arcing. Contacts have flared and heat treated barrels, which readily accept fine stranded wire to insure a consistent contact. Assembly is one colored housing with two tips.


  • Genderless connection (connectors will connect to themselves without male or female)
  • Flammability rating of housing material: UL94V-0


  • For reliable high amperage connections such as on generators, winches, inverters, wheelchairs, electric vehicles, chargers and battery connections
  • Typically found on fork lift batteries and chargers
  • UL Listed, CSA Approved
Part Number Amperage Max Wire Size Compatible With
UPCON-AND050-600-D 50 6 AWG SMH-50, SB50, SY6331G6
UPCON-AND120-600-D 120 4 AWG SMH-120 , SB120, 8201899, SY6330G4
UPCON-AND175-600-D 175 1/0 AWG SMH-175, SB175, 8201915, 8201923, SY6325G1
UPCON-AND350-600-D 350 2/0 AWG SMH-350, SB350, SY6320G1
UPCON-ANDH02-000-D Handle for 175A and 350A Connectors

Additional information

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 11 × 4 cm

50, 120, 175, 350, Handle


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