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50 kW Wind Turbine


50,000 Watt (50kW) Variable Pitch Wind Turbine

Package includes the Nacell, blades, hub, annemometer and controller package.

This kit does NOT include the tower. a 24M matched tower is available at additional cost.

Specifications are in the details 

This product qualifies for the Nova Scotia Community Generation Program.

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This is a geared turbine and has its own maintenance protocols. Contact us for more information.


A 70% deposit is required for the purchase of this product. It also requires a 45 day lead time. It is not a regular stock item.


The specifications are as follows:

Rotor Diameter(m)17
Blade MaterialReinforced FPR
Blade Quantity3
Rated Wind Speed (m/s)12
Start-up Wind Speed (m/s)3
Working Wind Speed (m/s)3.0-35
Security Wind Speed (m/s)50
Starting Torque (n/m)100
Speed Adjustment ModePitch Controlled + Active Yawing
Stop ModeFeathering propeller , Yawing,               Electromagnetic Brake
Generator TypePermanent Magnet Three Phase AC generator
Rated Voltage360-700VDC
Rated Power50KW
Max. Power60KW
Rated RPM60
Main body Weight-kg)4200

Additional information

Weight4400 kg


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