A-2546B MC4 Crimping Pliers


Premium quality MC4 Crimp Tool

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The new PV Crimping Pliers precision pressure line module and all locking design.
In the replenish pressure line to maintain a higher standard of quality pressure line.
The excellent lever transmission design, isobar larger cross-section of the wire the more labor-saving.
Ergonomic design, the position device can be fixed in the jaw, to ensure precise positioning of the terminal of the pressure line.
Used for multipole plug connection.
High-precision ratchet mechanism for complete crimps.
Interchangeable locator for precision positioning of terminals.

Material: 60 # steel
Handle material: polypropylene
AWG: 14-10AWG
Role: compression bonding
Shape: curved mouth
Applicable object: cable, other
Style: American
Length: 270mm
Package size: 35*14*2.7cm/13.77*5.51*1.06in
Package weight: 780g

Packing list:
1 x Crimping Plier

Additional information

Weight0.84 kg
Dimensions1.5 × 5.625 × 14 cm


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